Health & Safety


Black Wire Civil Engineering Ltd is fully committed to the prevention of accidents, incidents and ill health in the construction industry with continual improvement in Health & Safety performance through the setting of objectives and targets. 

The company will ensure that all employees adopt a ‘zero’ accident culture company wide through staff training and development plans for the workforce.  This includes both professional training, in-house courses and the proper assessment of risks prior to any works commencing.

Black Wire Civil Engineering Ltd also ensures, so far as reasonable practicable, of the Health and Safety or work of employees by providing;


• A safe system of work
• Safe plant and equipment, 
• Safe means of handling and transportation of substances and products, 
• Adequate training, instruction, information and supervision, 
• A safe place of work including access and egress arrangements, 
• A safe and healthy environment.


Every employee is responsible for his or her own safety, the safety of others and the general public. Line managers are responsible for the safety of all employees reporting to them, the safety of all other persons on our construction sites and of anyone who may be affected by our activities.




Black Wire Civil Engineering Ltd is fully committed to continual improvement in environmental performance through the setting of objectives and targets.


This environmental policy, will be maintained and regularly reviewed to ensure prevention of pollution and compliance with;


• Waste, 
• Discharge to water, 
• Use of resources, 
• Contamination of land, 
• Nuisance and amenity, 
• Emissions to air, including carbon, 
• Archaeology & local history, 
• Wildlife


Black Wire Civil Engineering will ensure that the company adheres to all relevant legislation, will meet our client and community expectations and ensure that activities are controlled to minimise impacts from our works.


To emphasise the importance of good environmental practice, Black Wire Civil Engineering Ltd communicates its policies to its employees and to those who undertake work on its behalf.  To ensure the effective management of relevant environmental issues Black Wire Civil Engineering Ltd are committed to a programme of ongoing training and awareness for its employees and for those working for us.


Black Wire Civil Engineering Ltd will seek to influence, advise and co-operate with clients and other interested parties in achieving sustainable construction techniques and will encourage its suppliers to adopt similar practices in order to protect the environment.


The importance of environmental responsibility is demonstrated through the Company’s Values, Mission and Vision.